Emma Stone gained 15 pounds for her newest movie — and here’s why

Actors gain and lose weight for movie roles all the time (think Anne Hathaway in Les Mis or John Krasinski in 13 Hours). And after La La Land, the same was true for Emma Stone: She gained 15 pounds of muscle to play tennis legend Billie Jean King in Battle of the Sexes  — and kicked some serious ass in the process.

The movie is due out later this year, and Stone had to go from ethereal dancer Mia in Oscar frontrunner La La Land to tough-as-nails King in a short timeframe.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter she said, “I gained 15 pounds of muscle. Lots of protein shakes and heavy lifting.”

According to her personal trainer, Jason Walsh — who also trains Krasinski and other A-listers — Stone took the workout process very seriously. “She’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met,” he told HelloGiggles. “At the same time, though, she can be extremely focused when necessary, especially when training for a role. Deadlifts, hip thrusts, and even pull-ups kind of became her favorite.”

(Yes, that’s Emma in the fetal position after a particularly grueling workout.)

We love that Stone opened up about her weight gain in this interview. It’s way too common — for women especially — to obsess over the numbers on the scale (thanks a lot, socially prescribed gender and body norms) despite the fact that we know muscle is more dense than fat and weighs more by volume. So when you build more of it, you’ll weigh more.

And while your weight has nothing to do with your overall health, we think it’s awesome that Emma got so strong for Battle of the Sexes and has really embraced her changing body. Get it, girl!

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