Emma Stone’s dress may be stunning, but LOOK AT THOSE SHOES

Hark the herald angels sing! Emma Stone, star of the upcoming December 9th film-musical, La La Land, arrived to the film’s premiere looking poised and demure in a blue chiffon dress. Sapphire blue crystal detailing circled Stone’s neck and rested on her hips. She truly looked the part of an Old Hollywood starlet.

And yes, of course Stone looked as such because when have we ever seen her Emma (and her fashion) look anything less than gorgeous? Truth be told, despite the crystals and flowing chiffon, our eyes immediately landed on Stone’s FEATHERED and SEQUINED heels. That’s right, we said FEATHERED and SEQUINED.


Check these bad boys out! Stone’s feet are like little Vegas showgirls and we cannot look away! The shoe is just too good! 


These pups are Jimmy Choo’s Annie Sandal, which retail for around $675 — without the feather and sequin add-ons. Emma Stone is a big fan of Jimmy Choo, so it’s no surprise he added a little somethin’-somethin’ to her premiere heels for one of his biggest fans.

How cool would these Jimmy Choo’s look with a New Year’s Eve ensemble? We’ll answer — pretty freaking cool. Let’s see what’s available for our Jimmy Choo taste that can fit into our Marshall’s budget.

Forever 21, $29.90


Simple, yet fun. These heels are great for the type who want to add a little pizzaz to an outfit without distracting onlookers completely. Plus they’re affordable AF.

Dolls Kill, $148


Fine. Call us crazy. But we’re kind of loving these heels. Now, they are definitely just “taking inspiration” from Stone’s Jimmy Choo’s. But if you’re looking to make a statement at your New Year’s party, these feathered heels from Dolls Kill are the pieces you’re looking for.

Go Jane, $26.31


Similar in simplicity to the Forever 21 heels, these feathered friends from Go Jane are awesome for the people who love the blue from the Jimmy Choo inspiration pair. These guys not only add a point of interest, but they can also add a pop of color to a more simple New Year’s outfit.

And, if none of these float your boat, and you’re more of a DIY kind of girl, these Jimmy Choo’s are easy to replicate. Grab yourself that old feather boa you bought for your flapper costume that one Halloween, some sequins off an old dance costume, and a thrifted pair of heels and get crafting!

Think about it. All you really need is glue and patience.


Good luck on this shoe quest. Remember, if you get frustrated, you’re doing it all in the name of Jimmy Choo.

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