From now on, you can just call Emma Stone “Dragon”

Two of our favorite ladies, Lena Dunham and Emma Stone, recently allowed us mere mortals to listen in on one of their hilarious, wise conversations through Lena’s new podcast, “Women of the Hour.” The first mini-episode resulted in a discussion about pet names that are OK to call women. For instance, “baby,” is pretty much a N-O in any situation. Lena and Emma also reminded everyone that referring to a gal you don’t personally know as, “sweetheart,” is not cool, much less respectful.

“The best-case scenario is people call you by a nickname of your name that you’re comfortable with because then it’s kind of nice,” Emma said. “You know, like anyone can call me Em. That feels great. It feels personal and lovely and you don’t have to say sweetheart. You can just say Em.”

Lena agreed, saying, “Some guys may go, ‘Well, when I say sweetheart, I don’t mean it that way. But it’s like, well then, when in doubt, don’t say sweetheart.”

“Yeah, just say their name,” Emma reiterated.

Emma came prepared with a bunch of alternatives to “baby” and “sweetheart.” Here are some nicknames that she would much rather be called:

1. Dude
“It means everything,” she said. “It’s one of the only words in the American version of the English language that can mean anything.”

2. Doc
“Actually any of the Seven Dwarves, I would love to be called Sneezy. Not Dopey! Don’t say Dopey! I would love to be Sleepy.”

3. Bucko
“I want people to call me ‘bucko’ so much!”

Her absolute favorite? Dragon. Obviously.

Emma shared a story about a time asking a man to call her Dragon worked very much in her favor:

You bet, Emma “Dragon” Stone. That is one hell of a name!

Listen to the mini-episode of “Women of the Hour” on iTunes and get ready for the first full episode to drop November 5th.


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