Emma Stone talked about how comedy changed her life and we love everything about it

With her upcoming film La La Land set to premiere on December 9th (and already getting rave reviews), Emma Stone is on a roll. The talented actress recently talked about how much she has changed along with her career, and every word of it is *so* inspiring.

And hearing Emma Stone talk with peers about the effect comedy has had on her life is making us love her even more.

During an “Actress Oscar Roundtable” with The Hollywood Reporter, Emma discussed her very first theatrical experience.

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She admitted she felt like a little badass when a theater teacher cast the first grade Emma in a play with a bunch of fifth graders. Though she joked about the experience, she said being introduced to theater completely change her world.

"I felt like I had an outlet, in a way, and it was just so incredible," she said

But it wasn’t just theater itself that started changing her world. Emma said it was specifically comedies that were able to break her out of her shell.

Emma admitted watching classics comedy movies and performances made her relax and grow more into herself.

She said, "Comedy saved me as a kid. I was so in my head and so tense and anxious. Comedy really changed everything for me – watching comedy. Seeing Steven Martin in The Jerk or John Candy in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, that really opened up the world to me."

It’s no wonder Emma looks up to some of the greatest classic comedic performers of all time. The nuance and intelligence with which she plays every one of her characters makes it obvious she has definitely learned from the best.

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