Yesterday we didn’t know this Emma Stone/Bradley Cooper rom-com existed, today we’re obsessed

Whoa, how did we manage to miss this movie for so long? If you knew about this Emma Stone/Bradley Cooper/Rachel McAdams film before right now, why didn’t you tell us?? Not only that, but it appears to be a dramedy-rom-com of sorts, and we are totally on board. It also takes place in Hawaii (having The Descendants flashbacks). And, we haven’t even discussed the rest of the stellar cast yet. Say hello to, Aloha. Bradley (does he go by Brad?) plays a military contractor, who appears to have fallen from grace, when he’s shipped off to Hawaii for a new job with his old boss. The only thing is that returning back to Hawaii brings back all the memories and emotions and feelings of his ex, played by Rachel McAdams (little mini Wedding Crashers reunion, huh?). Clearly, they try to talk it out A LOT, but doesn’t look like they really get anywhere. Not only that, but Bradley’s basically assigned a babysitter, played by Emma, who’s a spunky air force officer. If the preview is any indication, slowly they start to develop feelings for each other. I mean, how could you NOT develop feelings for either Bradley or Emma?? The supporting cast is also bonkers awesome and includes Bill Murray (who plays Bradley’s boss), John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin, who at one point during the trailer calls Bradley, “Mr. Sexy Pants.” If this still isn’t enough to get you excited, the movie is directed (and written!) by emotions master Cameron Crowe, of Say Anything . . . , Almost Famous, and Jerry Maguire fame. So yeah, we’re probably going to cry at least once during this movie. Aloha arrives in theaters on May 29. Let us know if you’re already obsessing. We most definitely are.

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