Emma Roberts tank-and-denim look is proof that it’s literally still summer in LA

Middle of November, approaching Thanksgiving, but Los Angeles has been in the ’90s, and if you follow Emma Roberts on Instagram, you’ll see Emma’s living in a perpetual summer.

The sun just seems to follow the Scream Queens star wherever she goes.

Emma stepped out to walk her dog this fifteenth of November. Wearing a haltery-tank top thing and high-waisted jeans dotted with red, white, and blue stars, paired with simple black flats, it may as well be the 4th of July.

We’re endlessly inspired by how Emma Roberts finds time to simply enjoy life, despite being one of the busiest young actresses in Hollywood. Plus, her fashion sense.

Nothing’s more autumnal than rolling around in the grass.

Summer garden party-appropriate just before Halloween.

Just a typical October Sunday at the beach.

Where better to model a fall jacket but at the pool?

The 25 year-old starlet will soon appear in the upcoming film, Billionaire Boys Club, alongside Suki Waterhouse, Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey and Judd Nelson. She’s also in pre-production for the film Four Seasons starring Jeffrey Tambor, set to release in 2017. Meanwhile, her film Nerve in which she stars opposite Dave Franco, is now on DVD.

She’s still dating on-again-off-again boyfriend/sometime-fiance Evan Peters.

But with a schedule as busy as hers, and this incredible Instagram she maintains ON TOP OF her career, we can see how a relationship wouldn’t be her #1 priority.

We’re taking a cue: we are our own #1 priorities.