Emma Roberts somehow got even cuter with this hilarious Snapchat

Emma Roberts is gracefully following in her aunt Julia Roberts’ footsteps by quickly becoming one of America’s sweethearts. Not only is she great at every TV series/movie she does (check out Scream Queens if you haven’t seen it — she’s hilarious), she’s also just so perfectly likable and all-around adorable.

And we have proof.

We honestly didn’t think Roberts could get any cuter, but we were wrong. She posted this ridiculously adorable Snapchat while on set the set of Scream Queens on Friday night.

The bunny filter will obviously make anyone adorable, but Roberts’ reaction to seeing floating carrots is perfection.

That’s not the only video she has posted that screams adorable. There are plenty more where that came from.

Like this Snap of Shirley the squirrel who’s looking for love… and acorns.

And this video of Roberts and co-star Billie Lourd singing Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”…as bees, of course.

Here Roberts shows the world how she orders food somewhat neurotically, but also still wants friends.

In another video, she shared her excitement about being back on the Scream Queens set.

Honestly, what we love most about Roberts is her dedication to her friends and the constant love she shows for them.

Serious #squadgoals.