Emma Roberts revealed which of her aunt’s movies she gets beauty inspiration from


While Emma Roberts may come from Hollywood royalty, she has carved out a space in the entertainment industry for herself by always picking interesting, though-provoking roles that have proven she can stand on her own merit. That said, when Emma is looking for inspiration in her beauty routine, she look no further than one of her aunt’s beloved movies, My Best Friend’s Wedding. Who among us doesn’t absolutely love Julia Roberts’s entire iconic look in that movie?! That famous auburn mane was especially alive in My Best Friend’s Wedding it could have been its own character!

In an interview with Byrdie, Emma reveals her beauty routine and lets us in on what exactly she loves about her aunt’s look.

When we think about iconic and influential Julia Roberts looks, our minds usually conjure Pretty Woman, but we love that her favorite Julia film is the sweet and hilarious rom-com.


Emma tells Byrdie that she tries to add as much volume as possible to her own hair to copy that style as closely as she can.

Not only was Emma’s auburn hair in homage to her aunt, but it’s also a nod to Drew Barrymore’s ethereal strawberry locks.

Emma goes on to describe her rigorous hair care routine — because anyone who has gone auburn knows that the upkeep is vital and involves a good amount of work.

It looks like these interviews can’t keep up with the ever-changing looks of this young actress though, because as of yesterday Emma is rocking some extra long, soft brown hair.

The style is lovely, of course, and still very much reminiscent of her Aunt Julia’s hair. We are totally digging it.

Emma has to constantly change her hair for her work, so it’s been a blast to see her beauty evolution and hear about the inspirations behind it. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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