Emma Roberts’s needlepoint “bad girls” purse is the edgy grandma accessory you need

Grandmama always used to say, “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.” And it looks like Emma Roberts loved Grandmama’s saying so much she decided to physically bring it with her everywhere. Our point being that Roberts’ Moschino needlepoint purse is an accessory both you and your own grandma can appreciate.

Roberts, now honorary aunt to friend Kara Elkin’s new baby, Leon, posted a photo with baby and purse on her Instagram. The Moschino bag with chain strap is currently out of stock but was selling for $1,395.

Dang it! If it wasn’t out of stock we’d totally sacrifice a few rent payments for this little gem. (JK, we absolutely cannot afford to do that.)

But this expensive conundrum always leads us down the path of DIY. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you might just be able to replicate the “bad girls” design.

Grab yourself some embroidery thread and heavy-weight canvas cross-stitching fabric from a local fabric or craft store. The less experienced you are with cross-stitching, the more you should opt for fabric with a looser weave and wider holes. You can usually pick up a whole role for under $5.

Next, brush up on your cross-stitch skills, or learn from scratch. It’s actually not as hard as it looks.


Once you’re confident that you have the technique down, draw out the Moschino-inspired pattern on your fabric and start stitching. Make sure you size the fabric accordingly, so it fits to an existing bag for later attachment.

You can also create your own cross-stitch pattern on a site like StitchFiddle. Feel free to think outside the “bad girls” box.

This DIY project will take patience and time, so queue up some good Netflix shows and movies before you get going. And if you need help, give Grandmama a call.

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