Wait, what? Emma Roberts says she might quit acting

Try to imagine Scream Queens or American Horror Story without Emma Roberts. Practically impossible, right? Well, none of that is Emma’s ultimate goal. In fact, she may completely give up acting one day, she explained in the January issue of Allure magazine. But before your heart breaks in a million pieces, know that her ultimate dream is to be behind the scenes, *creating* stuff like Scream Queens.

“I think as I get older, there might come a time when I don’t want to be in front of the camera anymore and want to be more behind the scenes: I would love to produce and maybe write,” she told Allure. After all, it’s a lot of pressure, Emma explained — and a *lot* of costume and makeup. “I thought of it a lot during Scream Queens when every morning there’s full hair and makeup and heels and mini dresses,” she explained. “And I thought, you know, I kind of want to show up to work one day and not care what I look like. It would be nice to just slip away for a little bit.”

As much as we’d miss seeing her awesome talent on screen, we could definitely get behind that. But is this happening anytime soon? No — after all, she’s currently in the biographical crime-drama Billionaire Boys Club, which is in the midst of filming and will be out in 2016. Plus, she’s interested in filming a second season of Scream Queens (!!!).

Hey, whatever you want to do, Emma, we support. We can’t wait to see the rad stuff you write / produce. (But we can’t help but be a *teensy* bit happy that you aren’t quitting acting anytime soon.)

(Image via Twitter.)