Emma Roberts makes a surprise appearance in the newest “American Horror Story” promo, and we are FREAKING OUT

With Season 6 of American Horror Story ready to kick off in a month — September 14th — we’re still completely in the dark when it comes to this season’s theme, setting, characters, everything about it. Also, AHS has commented that some of these promos are ~fake~ promos, created to completely confuse us when it comes to Season 6. AHS fans are basically pulling their hair out at this point.

Now, to confuse us even more, we’ve got what is undoubtedly the coolest AHS promo to date. It sure does LOOK like a Facebook video with a comment from someone named, “Maggie Roberts.” That’s when everything does a 180°, and the Facebook video COMES TO LIFE. Ahhhhhhhh.


(AHS has disabled the embed for the video, so you can watch it right here.)

But actually, that’s not what were here to freak out about. We need to talk about this “Maggie Roberts,” who, as she claims, is a big fan of AHS. Us, too, Maggie.

Her Facebook comment changes from: “Getting so excited, The anticipation is killing me!!! I love you AHS!” to a whole lot of “?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6?6.

Also, Maggie Roberts looks awful familiar.

After much zooming, and enhancing, and subsequently freaking out, this “Maggie Roberts” is, without a doubt, Emma Roberts — specifically, Emma’s character from Season 4, Freak Show, a (fake) fortune teller.


On the show, she was known as “Maggie Esmeralda,” and up until right now, we hadn’t even considered that maybe Freak Show is the prior season of the show directly connected to Season 6. Yes, Maggie met a sad end (when she was accidentally sawed in half) but if we’ve learned anything from AHS, just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t come back to the show.

And sure, this could just be a cute little easter egg from AHS, and when they needed a comment for their fake AHS post, they went with Emma. She hasn’t been on the show since Freak Show, and though she hinted that she was going to show up for Hotel, it never happened.

Is this AHS’s way of telling us that YES, EMMA ROBERTS IS COMING BACK? Are you guys freaking out now, too? Can anyone figure out what the strange gibberish in Maggie’s FB comment means??? SOS, we need answers.