Emma Roberts got a haircut and we already miss her long “Scream Queens” hair

RIP Chanel. May she never be forgotten. Scream Queens star, Emma Roberts, just got a haircut that is making us a bit nostalgic. The actress cut her iconic and character-defining long blonde locks, into a super cute lob (long bob, that is). We are now entering into a brief grieving period as we remember Roberts’ character Chanel, and all her long-haired glory. Don’t get us wrong, Roberts looks beautiful as ever. But our heart aches for what once was. Dramatic, much? That’s just the Chanel in us.

Like most things in life, change is necessary for growth. And Roberts’ change is actually really great. The actress went to celebrity hairstylist Ryan Trygstad for a freshen up. Trygstad posted a photo on his Instagram of the cut, captioning the pic, “Getting rid of #chanel#screamqueens time for a little trim to bring @emmaroberts for her character Chanel back to Emma.”

Trygstad and Roberts both posted this “after” picture as well. Roberts captioned her photo, “Eye think eye love you.”

Ok, wow. She looks great. Why were we sad again?

The length falls right below the collarbone. Roberts even kept her (and Chanel’s) signature blonde color. We think Chanel would give this her stamp of approval.

Roberts has experimented with her hair before, so we can’t be totally shocked about this change.

Remember when she chopped it all off into this above shoulder bob?

Or when she decided to go red?

We must remember that Roberts is, and always will be, a hair chameleon. She truly looks good with any cut or color.

So yes, we’ll miss our girl Chanel. But as for our girl Emma? She’s slaying the hair game and we are loving every minute of it.

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