Emma Roberts’ dress looks like something Ursula would wear to steal your man

We all know that Ursula is one tricky sea witch. She’ll steal your voice, she’ll steal your youth, and she’ll certainly steal your man. Another fave witch of ours, Emma Roberts, seemed to take inspiration from Ursula. The actress wore a busty, purple and black taffeta dress to a Pre-Oscar Celebration party last night. Although she now has red hair like Ariel’s, in this dress, Roberts has the man-stealing capability of Ursula the sea witch.

The party theme was “Green,” meaning that this dress is recycled. So even though she’s taking fashion inspiration from the evil Disney octopus, Roberts still has a kind and good heart!


Roberts wore a set of gold-studded bracelets and matching ring with the rushed dress. Working with a cooler color palette, we’re surprised Roberts chose gold over silver accessories.

But when you think about who possibly styled her —


— it all makes sense!

To make this outfit even more glamorous, Roberts wore a long fur coat to and from the party. Not only are we getting Ursula vibes, but now we’re feeling Cruella, and maybe even Maleficent with the addition of the coat.

Dressing “bad” has never looked so good, if you catch our drift.


From one witch to another, Roberts and Ursula seem to make a great team. If Roberts continues to gather fashion inspiration from the baddest lady in the sea, we might need to watch out. Ladies, all we’re going to say is, keep a close eye on your animated prince boyfriends!

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