Emma Roberts and Dave Franco try to draw each other and the results are… interesting

Odds are that you’ve seen portraits of your fave celebs pasted all across the internet – but this online art tends to be drawn by fans and not the celebs themselves. However, both Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are taking a different approach and we love it.

While being interviewed by Mashable, the two Nerve stars decided to draw each other and, as you can imagine, the results were museum-worthy. 


I made you look like a girl baby,” Emma told Dave, before asking him if he wants his portrait to show him wearing a dress and heels. Both times, Franco’s answer was a resounding YES.

“I think you’re going to be doing a much more thorough job than me,” Emma stated, before the following was revealed.


So… Emma took some artistic license when creating Dave’s likeness. “I think that’s how you feel on the inside, right?” she asked Dave, who responded, “The eyebrows are pretty accurate.”

As for Dave’s artwork, Emma feels that he made her look like the little girl from Poltergeist.


I’m Bride of Chucky meets Annabelle,” Emma added, while Dave feels as though he’s completely and utterly himself in Emma’s drawing.

The big reveal:


Well… they both… tried their best?

To watch the entire video in all its glory, click here.