Emma Roberts’s new hair color is making us nostalgic for Scream Queens

Emma Roberts can’t make up her mind. (And she shouldn’t have to!) Over the last few years, the actress has been flip-flopping back and forth between brunette and a blonde—with a few bonus hair colors in between. Now, she’s switched back to the lighter side, and we’re seeing a lot of Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens in this new look.

Just five days ago, Emma Roberts shared a photo of her long, curly, dark brown hair. She looked gorge, of course, but what we didn’t know was that she was already mulling over a major change. Roberts called out the end of American Horror Story: 1984, but her post also marked the end of another brunette phase.

“Surprise!” Roberts posted a November 16th Instagram photo of her new honey blonde hair color.

“Surprise…what a difference a day makes #honeydew ? ? cut and color (change) by the amazing @nikkilee901 @ninezeroone with @seama901 ??‍♀️you guys are amazing! Do you guys like the blonde back?” Roberts captioned her post, shouting out her stylists.

Stylist Nikki Lee also shared the same photo, again noting the sweet shade, writing, “Honey got a new do!” It’s a slightly warmer shade than the icy blonde color the actress rocked when she played the icy mean girl Chanel on Scream Queens. (Bring back Scream Queens!)

Roberts’s frequent switches from brown to blonde will keep us on our toes. She was last blonde back in June.

And before that, we spotted a similarly sunny shade in late April.

So, who knows how long this will last before Roberts’s heart is set on brunette again. For now, as the days get darker, we’re loving her bright and sunny look.

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