This playful interview between Emma Roberts and John Stamos on the set of “Scream Queens” has us cracking up

It’s no secret that we are ~huge~ fans of Scream Queens. And a playful interview between Emma Roberts and John Stamos on the set of Scream Queens has us LOL’ing. We don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll have to watch the Instagram video below for yourself to see what we mean.

But first, some backstory. ICYMI, Stamos is on Scream Queens this season. He plays Dr. Brock Holt. And you probably know that that’s not all that’s changed on the show. So has the location.

We’re out of the sorority house and we’re into a hospital now,” Roberts said, reported UPI. “I love that it’s a little bit darker. I mean, the hospital setting gives it kind of a more eerie vibe.”

We’ll say.

Without further ado, here’s Roberts’ Instagram post with Stamos that we can’t stop cracking up over.


And here’s Stamos in full character. So serious!

Another McDreamy, amirite?!

And Stamos will soon have company on Scream Queens: Brooke Shields, according to International Business Times. She’ll guest star as Dr. Scarlett Lovin in the December 13th episode. She’ll be “a television doctor in the vein of Dr. Oz who also happens to be the idol of the Chanels,” reported Entertainment Weekly. We’re in suspense to see how she fits into the Scream Queens mix.

Are you as intrigued as we are?!

And it looks like Shields has already been on the set — at least according to a picture Stamos posted on Instagram recently.


Even though we don’t know if Shields’ character will be a love interest for Dr. Brock, they sure do look good together above! In any case, as usual, we can’t wait to see what happens next on Scream Queens!