Colin O’ Donoghue has some heartbreaking things to say about ‘Once Upon a Time”s Emma and Hook

I want you to feel like you can be honest with me, so let’s be real — we mostly watch Once Upon a Time to see Emma and Hook fall in love and out of love and smooch and talk and flirt, right? Okay, the other stuff is great too, but come on, Emma and Hook are the best. And Colin O’Donoghue who plays Hook has the inside scoop on the mid-season finale, which is tragically on Sunday. And he has some stuff to spill about our fave magical couple.

If you’re out of the loop, here’s the most important update — Emma had a choice to make. Either Hook became a Dark One, or Hook had to die. And as anyone would do to protect Hook, Emma chose to keep him alive, even if it meant he became a Dark One. But O’Donoghue believes he would have chosen otherwise.

“When he was basically on his death bed he said to her, ‘Let me go,’ and he meant it. I think because the Dark One is the one thing he’s always hated most in his life, I think that he would have definitely preferred to die. I’m glad that he didn’t because that means that I still get to be on this show, [Laughs] but I think for Hook as character, I think he really would have preferred death.” Absolutely heartbreaking.

O’Donoghue also hinted at what was to come in the upcoming episode. “Hook, like all Dark Ones, wants to bring the Dark Ones back and use people to open the portal back to hell, and that’s what the darkness does.” Okay, absolutely terrifying… but O’Donoghue was extremely evasive when it came to questions about the future of Emma and Hook. Because all anyone really wants to know is if they’ll make it work. “Who knows? You’ll have to watch and see.”

But he did give one important bit of advice for fans on the mid season finale.

“They should be prepared for a heartbreaking, heart-wrenching, huge, epic mid-season finale.”

(Image via ABC)