Antoni from Queer Eye gave Emma González cooking advice and you can watch their perfect meet-cute here

On April 19th in New York, two of our faves collided. Parkland teen, hero, and gun control activist Emma González met Queer Eye star and chef bae Antoni Porowski at The Center Dinner for The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, and blessed be the social media gods because we have footage of their meet-cute.

In the clip, González is listing off her various allergies (nuts, seafood, shellfish) while Porowski listens intently and tries to give her cooking tips.

Porowski: You can put pine nuts instead of almonds, it’s fine.

González: I’m allergic to ALL NUTS.

Porowski: They’re a seed.

González: I’m allergic to pine nuts, my throat has closed up eating a Caesar salad!

Ed note: Pine nuts are seeds like Porowski mentioned, but the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology advises individuals with general nut allergies to also avoid pine nuts.

Aside from the pine nut snafu, Porowski ends up giving her a workaround that involves toasting up dry bread with a little sumac as a nut substitute that Porowski says, “[you’ll] still get the same taste, minus the death.” Wow, iconic.

Porowski shared the video on his Instagram and captioned the video, “I’ll cook for Emma Gonzalez while she saves the world.” He also wrote on Twitter, “I just babbled to avoid losing my shit in front of this angel.”

González has not responded to her now-viral meet-cute because she has way better things to do like the National School Walkout happening today.