Emma Chamberlain’s Bangs Are So Good They Might Just Convince You to Get Your Own Haircut

The bangs may not be permanent, but we're still obsessed.

Ultimate cool girl Emma Chamberlain is here to convince you that it’s time to get those bangs you’ve been considering. The popular Gen Z influencer, who built her brand on authenticity and humor, fancies herself a bit of a style icon as well. And on July 21st, she debuted short bangs on Instagram for a new photo shoot.

Hairstylist Laura Polka shared the stunning photo of Chamberlain with her hair done up in soft waves and a light brown hue—plus new shorty bangs that she hadn’t previously been sporting. Chamberlain’s go-to style as of late was longer curtain bangs that she kept swept off to the sides. These new choppy bangs, though, graze her eyebrows and frame her face perfectly, if we do say so ourselves.

Polko tagged Numéro magazine, so we can only assume that this whole look was part of a photo shoot for the magazine. Polko also tagged makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan Fisher, who shared another angle of Chamberlain’s bangin’ new hair.

As much as we love these bangs, though, we’re pretty sure we need to accept that they aren’t permanent. Chamberlain posted a new set of selfies to Instagram on July 22nd, and her hair looks to be back to its original curtain bangs and nothing more (though still the light brown hue!). We know curtain bangs are *the* trend, but it’s always nice to try something different. However, perhaps the July 22nd selfies were taken before she cut the bangs…it’s truly a mystery that we’ll just have to wait to find out the answer for.

As for us, well, she’s already convinced us to try out some shorter bangs. Hopefully ours will turn out just as successfully as hers…

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