Eminem once wrote an emotional, handwritten letter to Tupac’s mom

Today in heartfelt surprises: A handwritten letter and illustration from Eminem to Tupac’s mother has surfaced on the Internet.

Though both the note and the illustration have previously appeared in the 2007 book, Tupac Remembered, the pieces have been making their rounds on the Internet this week, all thanks to a Reddit thread (you super sly Redditors, you).

In the undated letter written after Tupac’s untimely death in 1996, Eminem thanks Afeni Shakur for her kindness and for all of the opportunities she’s given him, calling her a “Queen in every sense of the word”.

Eminem goes on to show his appreciation for her son, noting both his legacy and the personal impact he made on Eminem’s life. “You have no idea how much your son and his music has inspired not only the ‘Hip Hop’ world, but speaking for myself, has inspired my whole career,” Eminem wrote. “He was, and still is, the true definition of a ‘Soldier.’ When I was feeling at my worst (before fame, before Dre) I knew I could put that Tupac tape in, and suddenly, things weren’t so bad.”

He signed the letter “Marshall.”

As for the illustration, it’s pretty gosh darn good. The sketch appears to be a based on one of Tupac’s most iconic photos. Who knew Marshall Mathers had sketching skills?

Both the note and the illustration are on display at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts. Fortunately, you don’t have to trek all the way to Stone Mountain, Georgia to see them. Check out the full (and notably neat) letter and illustration, below.

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