Emily Ratajkowski is tired of people thinking you can’t dress sexy and be a feminist

To quote the great Lisa Simpson (yes, literally The Simpson‘s cartoon daughter), “As a feminist, virtually anything a woman does is empowering.” Funny enough, this ethos seems to be Emily Ratajkowski’s feminist battle cry as well.

While she echoes that sentiment, Emily takes it one step further and adds that dressing sexy does not kick you out of the feminist club.

We get the vibe that this is a problem Emily faces a lot in her career, that somehow she is supposed to be torn between being a feminist and doing a photo shoot in lingerie, which is completely unfair.

"To me, any expression that is empowered and is your own as a woman is feminist," the model told Allure, "If a woman decides to dress sexy, it doesn’t mean she’s not a feminist. [We] should be doing things for ourselves. If that is the woman’s choice, and it makes her feel good, then that’s great. Good for her."


Emily is literally the walking definition of “you do you.” She further elaborated on this idea of being multifaceted, and the idea that a woman can be so many things.

“I want girls to see that you can be whatever you want. Be as specific as you want. You can like this thing and that thing, and you don’t have to feel like the world won’t understand you,” she added to the mag.

Finally, and tbh, we’re wondering if Emily is getting tired of talking about this, but the subject always comes back to her breasts. Fortunately, the model/actress/activist isn’t tired of the subject, when she proudly and angrily chimed, “It really bothers me that people are so offended by breasts…That’s when I realized how fucked our culture is. When we see breasts, we don’t think of beauty and femininity. We think of vulgar, oversexualized images.”

Give it a few years, but we can totally see Emily teaching a college course on “The model’s body and the feminist gaze” and 100%, we’d sign up.