Emily Ratajkowski says her breast size has prevented her from getting roles, and that is so not okay

Emily Ratajkowski continually inspires us with her efforts to embrace her sexuality and maintain a strong, feminist voice. It’s 2017, so it’s time about dang time we as a society learned that women can be smart, capable, and sexy. Right? Well, despite Emily’s attempts to start tipping the scale in the other direction, Ratajkowski says her breast-size has prevented her from getting roles. And this bums us out.

During a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Emily says:

"There's this thing that happens to me: 'Oh, she's too sexy'," she says. "It's like an anti-woman thing, that people don't want to work with me because my boobs are too big. What's wrong with boobs? They're a beautiful feminine thing that needs to be celebrated. Like, who cares? They are great big, they are great small. Why should that be an issue?"


Wow. This sucks. We totally agree, Emily.

Luckily, she has a good support system. She says her musician boyfriend, Jeff Magid, has her back. “My boyfriend is super confident and was raised by his mum,” Emily explains, “so he also genuinely loves and admires women. Not just ‘Oh yeah, women are cool’. He deeply loves and respects women, so he loves what I’m all about.”

We’re happy you have him, Emily!


In the essay she penned for Lenny Letter, she laments that when women exhibit sexuality, it’s often seen as “playing into men’s desires.” She also has talked about how she hates the term “attention whore”. Sigh. She explains in Lenny:

“The implication is that to be sexual is to be trashy because being sexy means playing into men’s desires. To me, “sexy” is a kind of beauty, a kind of self-expression, one that is to be celebrated, one that is wonderfully female. Why does the implication have to be that sex is a thing men get to take from women and women give up?”

Amen, Emily. We hope that things start changing soon.

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