Emily Ratajkowski Is Pregnant—See Her NSFW Announcement Video

The model also explains why she won't reveal the gender of her baby.

There must be a secret pregnancy pact or something because Emily Ratajkowski just joined the ranks of supermodels who have announced their pregnancy in quarantine. The model revealed the news in a perfectly Emrata way: with gorgeous photos, an artistic NSFW video, and an essay of her own. In the essay, published today in Vogue, Ratajkowski wrote about how she and husband Sebastian Bear-McClard wanted to avoid forcing gender stereotypes onto their baby.

“When my husband and I tell friends that I’m pregnant, their first question after ‘Congratulations’ is almost always ‘Do you know what you want?'” she wrote.

We like to respond that we won’t know the gender until our child is 18 and that they’ll let us know then.

Even with the desire to give their child as gender neutral of an upbringing as possible, Ratajkowski admits that she can’t help but think about the sex and gender of her baby. She wrote that she’s imagined herself having a daughter and worries about the pressure of societal beauty standards and norms that would be inevitably passed on. “I can’t help worrying. I still fight subconscious and internalized misogyny on a regular basis, catching myself as I measure the width of my hips against another woman’s,” she wrote. “Who is to say I’d be able to protect my daughter from it?”

Ratajkowski also addressed the anxieties that come with having a son, sharing that her husband fears raising another version of his rule-breaking self. “I’m scared of having a son too, although not in the same way,” she wrote. “I’ve known far too many white men who move through the world unaware of their privilege, and I’ve been traumatized by many of my experiences with them.”

Recognizing the many challenging factors that could come no matter the sex of the baby, Ratajkowski explained that she’s giving up on “any false notions of control” over her pregnancy and is instead trying to simply enjoy it.

“I’m completely and undeniably helpless when it comes to almost everything surrounding my pregnancy: how my body will change, who my child will be,” she wrote. “But I’m surprisingly unbothered. Instead of feeling afraid, I feel a new sense of peace. I’m already learning from this person inside my body. I’m full of wonder.”

Ratajkowski’s pregnancy video, which was directed by friend Lena Dunham, also covers these same themes, with a voiceover from the model saying, “we are waiting for you, wondering who you will be.”

Watch the full pregnancy reveal video here.