Emily Ratajkowski defended her friend from body-shamers after she posted a bikini pic of them together

It’s beyond maddening, but if a famous woman posts a photo of herself online, chances are good that body-shamers will come out of the woodwork. And things went a step further when actress and model Emily Ratajkowski posted a picture of herself and a friend—only to have her intentions questioned and her friend’s body insulted.

In a March 12th Instagram post, Ratajkowski shared a picture of her and her friend lounging in swimsuits, their backs to the camera. She tagged her swim line, Inamorata, and playfully captioned the photo “beach buns.” It was clearly intended to be a fun way to show off the suits. And that’s when the misguided comments began pouring in.

"Posting this is a hate crime against that girl," one user wrote on the post.

"She knew exactly what she was doing when she posted this photo," another chimed in. "She has the better body, she knows she does (but pretends she doesn't) and she's happy about that."

However, Ratajkowski had the perfect clapback to the vitriol.

"I love my friend's body and both her and I think she looks great here!" she replied to one commenter, according to BuzzFeed. "And I'm proud she's rocking my suits. All these haters are crazy. Just because you're used to seeing one body type on the internet doesn't mean it's the only one that should be considered 'beautiful.'"

BuzzFeed also noted that the model reiterated her position in an Instagram story, sharing a screenshot of it to Twitter.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Em. All bodies are beautiful, and we’re glad to see Ratajkowski standing up to the trolls who say otherwise.

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