This is why Emily Ratajkowski stripped down to her bra and panties to walk her dog

She could stop traffic in gym shorts. But in a bra and underwear, Emily Ratajkowski may cause a full-on pileup! Of course, this is not how the 25-year-old supermodel typically steps out in public — but for her new DKNY ad, why the heck not?

In the steamy new ad campaign for the brand’s lingerie line, Emily wastes no time getting up in the morning to take her sweet pup for a walk. As in, no time at all. Not even the time it takes to slip on that sweatshirt and gym shorts combo. In just her black brassiere and panties, you can see the stunner waking up in a New York City apartment, slipping on her bra, and jumping out the door to take her dog.

While skipping down the stairs and out the exit, Em gets quite a few side eyes from the likes of her handyman, a disapproving neighbor, a delivery boy, and even a ~super~ cute neighbor dude.

Once outside the apartment and on her walk, Emily does very nearly cause a (staged) accident when a cab driver swerves at the sight of her. And you can’t blame the guy — seeing someone out and about in their underwear isn’t quite the norm.

Since posting the quick video of her undie run to Instagram yesterday, the post has already gotten more than a million views.

Emily, who shot to fame in 2013 for her NSFW cameo in Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’s “Blurred Lines” music video, clearly isn’t camera shy. But this isn’t news: The model-slash-actress has long since been an outspoken feminist advocate that preaches body positivity for all women, regardless of shape or size, and often posts risque photos to prove that point.

All in all, this is one ultra-steamy commercial we won’t soon forget!

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