We’re Swooning Over Emily Ratajkowski’s Pictures of Her First Moments With Baby Sly

Yes, we're cooing at our screens.

Baby Sly came into the world only a few weeks ago and we’re already over-the-moon obsessed! In her latest Instagram post today, new mom Emily Ratajkowski shared several photos documenting the birth of her newborn child, who has the classiest name might we add. Sylvester. Apollo. Bear. I mean, it’s utterly perfect in every way. 

In between pushes/first moments with Sly. Life! Ratajkowski captured the photo collage on Wednesday, March 17th. 

The gallery includes five still images of mom and baby in the hospital, illustrating their “first moments” together. More than half of the photos appear to be action shots of Ratajkowski in labor, pushing. Among them, one in particular standouts, depicting the loving support from assumingely her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, cradling her face with his hand as they prepare for Sly’s arrival. Ratajkowski added two more photos of her embracing Sly with a big smile across her face. Look at the beanie resting on Sly’s head. Our hearts can’t handle the cuteness overload. *Cue us cooing over adorable little Sly in our baby voices.*

The announcement of Ratajkowski’s newest addition came Monday, March 8th, with a moving photo of Ratajkowski holding Sly, calling his birth “the most surreal, beautiful, and love-filled morning of [her] life.”

Ratajkowski’s baby bump made its grand debut in a Vogue video shoot, where the supermodel included a personal story that she and her husband had decided not to share the gender of their child, in hopes of not conforming to gender stereotypes. 

We admire their parenting approach and hope to see more of this little love bug very soon! 

Emily Weaver
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