Emily in Paris is Back — but Her Lavish Lifestyle is Coming Under Scrutiny

Analysts say the fictional show is all fantasy when it comes to Emily's expensive tastes.

Emily in Paris follows a Gen-Z woman named Emily Cooper as she moves to Paris to pursue a career post-college, but the show, starring Lily Collins, has become just as famous for its covetable designer fashions. Under the helm of famed costume designer Patricia Fields (Sex and the City), the show’s main character galavants around the French capital to fancy dinners and extravagant events, in glamorous clothes she simply couldn’t afford IRL.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that TV is mostly aspirational — and you probably wouldn’t be as interested if she were decked head-to-toe in basics from Old Navy. But the folks at New Casinos have analyzed Emily’s lifestyle to determine her annual spending compared to her $46,000 salary.


New Casinos found that Emily’s wardrobe is her most costly expense, estimated at a whopping $76,795.40 per year — that’s 30k more than she actually makes. Valentino, Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Balmain are just a selection of the luxury brands she’s spotted in, and the Vassilis Zoulias yellow printed jacket that she is seen wearing in the fourth episode of season two, comes with a price tag of $53,987.96.

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Living Sitch

You would figure a first-year marketing exec in a major city lives in a studio or 1br flat, with a roommate or two. But not Emily. Her apartment in the Place de l’Estrapade in the 5th arrondissement, is right near the Pantheon – one of Paris’s major attractions, and rent there will run you $33,127.84 per year. That leaves her little-to-no extra cash.

Dining Out

Paris is well-known for its dining delicacies, and Emily takes full advantage with frequent dinners out. It proves a pricey activity says the website, with a total spend around $3,239.28 a year. We’re wondering if that includes cocktails?

The site also analyzed other spends like Emily’s cappuccino habit ($228 a year), taxis (nearly 3k a year), and nightlife (nearly 2k a year).

In total, Emily spends $120,006.37 a year to maintain her lavish lifestyle, which is precisely $73,025.42 over her annual income, estimates New Casinos.

Vogue has reported season 3 will be even more wild when it comes to wardrobe and Cooper’s escapades. Emily in Paris season 3 starts streaming on Netflix on Dec. 21.


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