Emily doing normal grandma things is somehow terrifying (and awesome) during “Gilmore Girls”

As any Gilmore Girl fan can tell you the absence of Richard is palpable in the revival. Actor Edward Herrmann tragically passed away in 2012, and the creators made the loss real in the Gilmore Girls universe as well. It’s hard to imagine Emily without Richard, and in the revival we see her as a woman as who is forced to keep moving without her other half.

And in the third episode we get to see Emily’s grief take the form of doing normal grandmother things, and it is seriously so disturbing.

Don’t believe us? Let’s recap:

Emily Gilmore sleeps in

The first warning sign is Rory calling Emily to check in on her. Rory realizes that she is now  just waking up at noon, and what, is Emily now suddenly an overworked college student?! It is a complete turnaround from the Emily Gilmore that we saw in the earlier seasons of Gilmore Girls who was concerned from Rory when she slept until 8 am.


Emily Gilmore wearing jeans and t-shirts

Emily rocks a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as she cleared out her house worked through her grief over Richard, and it is so strange. While most people wear that kind of outfit without thinking about it, it is well established in the past seasons that Emily Gilmore simply does not do casual. We can’t believe she even owned a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, let alone several (She does still manage to work in a strand of pearls though).


Emily Gilmore eating dinner in the living room. With a TV tray.

Emily admits to Rory that she has started eating dinner in the living room. While that is totally normal for most grandparents, coming from Emily Gilmore, it’s totally weird. Emily Gilmore is known for lavish dinners that happen right on time, prepare but her numerous maids. To imagine her eating in the living room, in jeans, instead of the dining room in a dress is totally strange.


Hold on, Emily Gilmore has a TV in the living room!

Diehard fans will remember how much of a big deal it was when Emily Gilmore got a DVD player (then proceeded to torture Rory with endless ballroom dancing tapes). So with that in mind, the fact that the TV not only moved to the living room, but it now has cable is a super big deal. Emily Gilmore from older episodes would only watch live theater or an opera. Truth be told she admits to watching live theater on the TV, so it’s not a totally change for her, but we’re still very shocked from it.


She’s kept the same maid for the entire revival


The ultimate Emily Gilmore shocker in the revival has been the fact that she’s kept the same maid for all the seasons. In past seasons of Gilmore Girls, it was a running joke that Emily couldn’t keep a maid for more than one episode. She was constantly firing them for the most minor offenses, and even had a lawsuit brought against her for wrongful termination. Now in the revival to have her new maid, Berta, around consistently shows a big change in Emily’s behavior.

Emily smiling at something Lorelai said.


Seriously, where is Emily Gilmore and what have you done with her?

Emily relaxing on the Cape in causal wear.


In the last episode of this season we see the unthinkable – Emily Gilmore relaxing along the Cape in casual wear. Old Emily never went anywhere without wearing heels, a skirt suit, and pearls. Anywhere outdoors or in public was totally out of the question too. And yet here we see Emily Gilmore wearing flowy cardigans, boat shoes, and oh my god are those sneakers?? This is seriously a side of Emily Gilmore we didn’t even know existed. Many grandparents opt for comfort over style, and we’re glad to say Emily Gilmore manages to have them both. While she definitely looks more comfortable and relaxed, she’s definitely looking flawless in the style department!

Emily Gilmore swearing and being all IDGAF at a DAR meeting


Lorelai would be so grounded if she ever spoke this way at a DAR meeting, but Emily Gilmore goes on an epic rant about the superficiality and clique-ness at the DAR. And while she’s definitely not wrong and we’ve pretty much agreed with her all along, it’s so astounding to see Emily Gilmore of all people swear and be brutally honest in high society. Truthfully a good majority of older women are this brutal honest, but Emily has always been one to talk in subtleties. That’s why it’s so awesome to see her be real. All we can say is, tell them girl!

Emily Gilmore employed


This is the weirdest one of all. Never in all of our past seasons of Gilmore Girls could we have imagined Emily Gilmore holding a job. It’s not that she wasn’t capable, it’s just that her and Richard had enough money not to work, and she never seemed to feel the need to. She would of course organize parties and events with the DAR, but that was for fun. And yet in the final episode of the revival Emily Gilmore takes a job at a maritime museum? That’s open to the public? We seriously cannot believe our eyes. And yet, this is the same Emily Gilmore as before.

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