Emily Blunt slayed the Oscars red carpet in this Mary Poppins-inspired gown

Who among us can honestly say we don’t love Mary Poppins? She cares for distressed children with a winning combination of sugar and magic, and she has a baffling sex-free relationship with Dick Van Dyke. So, it is a high compliment when we say Emily Blunt’s gown gives us Poppins vibes. After all, who in their right mind doesn’t want to possess the capability to fly via umbrella whilst keeping their blush game on point?!

The British-born actress and partner to John Krasinski, aka Jim from The Office, basically floated onto the Oscars red carpet on the flowing train of her high-collared, powder blue gown. To add to its queenly nature, the dress also features gauzy puffed sleeves and white detailing fit for royalty.

While Blunt’s look is fully classy and red carpet ready, the fantastical quality of the design transports us to a land where young Julie Andrews sings and dances with animations. There’s just something IRL Disney about it, and it feels fitting given the upcoming film Mary Poppins Returns, which rolled out its FIRST trailer at the Oscars.

There’s absolutely no reason to argue with the regal qualities of this collar.


Also, just LOOK at the way this dress trails behind her.


We’ll be keeping our eyes open for any sightings of Blunt stylishly cruising through the air with an umbrella.

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