It turns out Emily Blunt likes John Krasinski’s dad bod better than his super-muscles

On a daily basis the media hammers us hard with what a supposedly ideal person is supposed to look like. Which is why it’s always so lovely and cool when someone says, “Yeah, I totally get that’s what the quote-unquote perfect person looks like, but I actually like THIS body type that gets less love better.”

That’s exactly the position Emily Blunt finds herself in. Recently, John Krasinksi (you know, the dude who Emily Blunt is married to) got straight-up ripped for his role in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. And while he looks amazing, Blunt admits she liked his bod before all the muscle-building and ab-defining.

This is what he looks like in the movie:


Jim Halpert, where did you go and who is this stranger with 800 muscles who kind of has your nose?


Krasinski guested on The Late Show yesterday and revealed that Emily Blunt did not welcome his new superhero bod with open arms.

“She hates it,” Krasinski told Colbert. “She would way prefer to have doughy guy back.”

“‘Doughy’ is a strong word,” Colbert replied, saying what we were all thinking.

“No, like sweet-faced,” Krasinski corrected himself.

“You’re still sweet-faced,” Colbert told Krasinski. And then they hugged and a million cartoon hearts exploded all over the screen. Whatever, that last part just happened in our heads, but BASICALLY, you guys, BASICALLY.

As Krasinski explained earlier in the segment, he had to go through literal hell to play this role.

“I thought it would be like, ‘Yeah, let’s eat a couple Power Bars and do push-ups.’ And [my trainer] was like, ‘No. It’s going to be a living hell for six to eight weeks.’”

“Living hell” apparently includes things like “two-a-days, pulling sleds, pushing weights” and homework like “eighty push-ups for tomorrow.” It’s one thing to adhere to this regimen for a film role. It’s another to do this kind of brutal work for, you know, ever.

Which is why we kind of love that Blunt prefers “sweet-faced” Krasinski to the action-hero version of her husband. Her preference is not the man who has to accomplish near-Herculean tasks to maintain a demi-god physique, but rather the way more normal-looking dude she fell in love with, the guy who doesn’t have to basically move mountains to look the way he does. To butcher a Bridget Jones Diary quote, “SHE LIKES HIM JUST THE WAY HE IS, YOU GUYS!”


And cuteness reigned down up the land and all was well.

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