Emily Blunt says asking John Krasinski if she could be in A Quiet Place was like proposing, and #RelationshipGoals

When we heard that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt were making a movie together, we were so excited. They’re one of our favorite couples in Hollywood and we couldn’t wait to see them play a husband and wife team on the big screen. Now that we’ve seen their horror-slash-paranormal-slash-survival film, A Quiet Place, we love them even more.

Krasinski told us that A Quiet Place is a “love letter” to his two kids. The movie is basically his third child. He co-wrote it, directed it, and starred in it with Blunt. But even though Krasinski had Blunt in mind to play Evelyn from day one, he didn’t want to pressure her into doing it. We spoke with him about how she came to be part of the film.

“For so many reasons, doing it with Emily was monumental in my career and in my life,” Krasinski said. “The truth of the matter is I knew that she would be the best actress for the role, but I didn’t want to ask her to do it. I was so scared. So while I was rewriting the script, I had her only in mind, but I felt like me asking her to do it would go one of two ways. One, she would say no. That makes for a very awkward dinner conversation. Or two, she says yes, I’ll do it for you. Which would be actually worse for me.”


So when Blunt asked if she could have the role, Krasinski was elated.

And the story of how it all went down is pretty adorable.

"I needed her to — because I know how intelligent she is, what insane taste she has — I knew what it takes to sign on to a movie for her. So I wanted her to come to it organically. One day we were on a plane together, and she read the script, and she turned to me and she actually looked sick. And so I said, 'Are you okay?' And she said, 'Yeah, you can't let anyone else do this role.' And it was almost like she was proposing to me. And she said, 'I need to be the one to do this role.' And I immediately yelled 'Yes!' on a plane. Which was not awkward at all."


We’re so glad that Krasinski and Blunt were on the same page.

"I was like, 'I think it's incredible, and I really want to do this with you, would that be weird?'" Blunt added. "And he was so happy. We'd been looking for a story and a concept that felt bigger than our marriage. And for our marriage to just be the story was not interesting to us. So this film just felt so ambitious and so unique that it would just be accepted for that."


A Quiet Place hits theaters on Friday, April 6th!

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