This model posted a selfie with unshaven armpits and stomach rolls to prove a very important point

We live in a society that holds women to especially high beauty standards. This is a fact that British model Emily Bador knows all too well. The 20-year-old has always been outspoken about body image issues, her journey to accepting her own figure, and the insecurities that come along with being a model. She recently posted a picture of herself lounging around in lingerie, her stomach bare and her armpits unshaved.

“You don’t owe it to anyone to be perfect. You are not less worthy because you don’t have a flat stomach,” she writes. “You are not less valid because you don’t shave your armpits. You are not less beautiful because of your scars, stretch marks, eczema, acne.” Amen, sister.

Of course, when we look at Emily we can’t stop thinking about how beautiful she is. Look at those freckles. She’s stunning. But that’s just it — no matter how many people think a person is beautiful, that individual will struggle with their own insecurities — just like all of us. Emily just happens to be the kind of person who speaks openly about hers.

In December of last year, she posted a picture of herself in 2015 alongside a current selfie. Back in 2015 she was much thinner than what she is now, and she says even though she was “size 4/6” she still thought she was “fat.” Thanks unrealistic body expectations, society!

“I’ve always had a few body image issues but since becoming a model, they’ve skyrocketed,” she writes. Emily also shared what it’s been like as a biracial woman in the industry. She’s half black half Malaysian, and she admits she’s always had trouble feeling like she truly belongs.

"we have to call on this system to change. we need diversity. all bodies, differently abled, shaped, coloured, sized, gendered and aged. diversity is so important," Emily writes.

Emily also openly speaks about the anxiety she wrestles with as a result of her busy job. She insists a lot of women are having trouble getting their mental health on track because of “the pressure of today’s media.” She couldn’t be more spot on.

In this photo, Emily writes in the caption that she almost didn’t post it to her Instagram because she was afraid her thighs looked too big. But she’s learning to love herself more and more every day, and she encourages all her fans to do the same. Excuse us while we give ourselves a really big hug.

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