Currently obsessed with Emilio Estevez’ kickass drummer daughter, Paloma

Emilio Estevez will forever be known for his roles in films like The Breakfast Club, but did you know his daughter, Paloma, is totally amazing? The 29 year old may not be a household name (even though she should be), but she’s taken on the music industry and worked with some of the greats. Here’s why we have a total girl crush on Paloma:

She’s an amazing drummer. Paloma started playing drums at 13, graduated from Musician’s Institute, and can seriously kill it on the drums, a traditionally male instrument. She told Tom Tom Magazine, “In terms of feel and groove, I have found myself modeling my playing after the great John Bonham [of Led Zeppelin] from day one.” Check out a video of her playing and be amazed:

She’s also a composer. On top of being an amazing drummer, Paloma is also a composer, having worked in TV and film production. She’s a staff composer for NBC now, meaning her talent could be behind the music on some of your favorite shows. She also composed music for her brother Taylor’s film, The Way. 

She’s toured the world. She’s opened for and performed with so many people, from Salt n’ Pepa to Slash. She’s also held her own in Las Vegas, where she has done backup vocals while playing drums.

She’s also worked in film. Music is Paloma’s passion, but she’s dipped her toe into other areas of the business as well. In 1996 she starred as “The Little Girl” The War At Home (along with her dad, who starred), and in 2008 she’s credited as an assistant makeup artist on the movie Savage Days.

Her Instagram is cool as you know what: It’s a scrapbook of touring, riding motorcycles, going to hockey games, and generally living free and following her passions. Yeah, she’s kind of inspirational.

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