These are the names of Emilia Clarke’s four different Daenerys wigs

When you’re working on a heavy show like Game of Thrones, you need to keep your sense of humor about you. Emilia Clarke is known for keeping things light and fun on set, even as she plays the complex role of Daenerys Targaryen.  In an interview with Time, she just revealed another way she keeps the cast and crew in good spirits — by naming the wigs that help her get into character.

Daenerys’ look is iconic, especially her white-blonde hair. While talking about the upcoming season, Clarke explained that it takes not one but four wigs to create her character. But before they can throw on a wig, hairstylists have to affix a bald cap over Clarke’s naturally dark brown locks.

Then it’s time for one of the four wigs: Dany, Diva, Candice (which is named after one of the stylists), and Blondie (which apparently was formerly named “Bitch”).

If four wigs seem like a lot for a single character, think again. According to Clarke’s hair designer Kevin Alexander, it took seven wigs and almost two and a half months to achieve that signature hair we’ve come to know and love. And that’s not counting all the other wigs and hairpieces for other characters that have appeared on set over the past few seasons.

Making hair that flawless and unforgettable is no easy task, and we appreciate the devotion to detail from the Game of Thrones crew. After all, can you really imagine Daenerys Targaryen without her long flowing hair? It’s like imagining her without her dragons — simply inconceivable.

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