Emilia Clarke’s body double on “Game of Thrones” is just as fierce as Daenerys herself

Previously, we noted how amazing the body doubles on Game of Thrones are, and not just because they’re dead-ringers for our favorite citizens of the Seven Kingdoms, but also they’re totally buddies IRL!

But, the queen of the body doubles herself, Rosie Mac, who subs in for Emilia Clarke, is on a whole other playing field.

First of all, you’d have to do a serious DOUBLE TAKE if you saw her from afar.

And you’d be just as confused when you got up close, because OMG she IS Daenerys.

Obviously, she gets her hair and makeup done just like Emilia.

Look at those ethereal curls!

But, just FYI, here’s what Rosie looks like IRL.**Mouth drops on floor**

Rosie loves hangin’ with her fellow doubles on set…

…as well as off.

And she even chills with members of the Unsullied, ’cause DUH! They’re hella awesome.

When she’s not workin’ hard filming Game of Thrones

…she continues to look AH-Mazing.

Better watch out Daenerys, this one’s got her eye on the PRIZE.

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