Emilia Clarke watched THAT nude “Game of Thrones” scene with her parents and it got awkward

Watching movie nudity with your parents can be awkward AF. But can you imagine if it was your very own nude scene? No, you can’t, can you? Because that would be a total living nightmare.


Well, that happened to Emilia Clarke. Yeah, Daenerys Targaryen, i.e. the First of Her Name, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons (you know the rest) had to watch her parents watch her emerge from those glorious flames in “Book of the Stranger” naked as the day she was born.

Clarke explained on Live! With Kelly, “My parents were like, ‘So we’re watching the show, but darling you’re not doing much this season.’” Clarke continued, “Well, watch tonight, watch that one. And I sat them down like ‘Let’s watch it!’, and instantly regretted it.”


And how did her parents react to her iconic scene? Clarke said, “My dad was like, ‘AGAIN?!?’”

Parents, amirite?

Well, at least now her parents can’t say Emilia isn’t “doing much” this season anymore!

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