Emilia Clarke does her best Valley Girl impression, and like, OMG it’s perfect

Question: Is there anything Emilia Clarke can’t do? Answer: no.

We bow down to the Khaleesi every Sunday night on Game of Thrones. Her new movie Terminator: Genisys just hit theaters. And not to mention, girl can seriously rock both blonde and brunette hair. Now, we have a new reason to love Emilia: her seriously amazing, spot-on Valley Girl impression.

So, nothing sends me into a giggle fit quite like foreigners imitating Americans. Their stereotypical word choice (“What’s up, brooooo!”) and charming over-pronunciation of phrases releases endorphins in my brain. So when Emilia broke out her “Callie from the Valley” voice on Jimmy Kimmel, my head all but exploded.

The British actress stopped by the show to promote her new movie and ended up giving us way more than we could have asked for. Clarke told Kimmel how she’s using Daario Michiel Huisman’s house in New Orleans while on set —but the Southern heat is so unbearable, she was forced to go buy an air conditioner at 3 a.m. Not wanting to be recognized, the actress hid her hair under a hat and pretended to be…a Valley Girl. Because why not? Clarke demonstrates her So-Cal persona to Kimmel, and breaks out her very best, inner Valley Girl.

“Did you base that on someone you know?” Kimmel asked Clarke. “I like, love Clueless,” she tells Jimmy. And now it all makes sense. Emilia definitely has a way normal life, you guys. She’s basically Cher Horowitz! Watch the whole clip below:

“She’s like, this whole, like, situation,” she says of Callie, without missing a beat.

There’s something incredible about seeing somebody you know a certain way surprise you with an un-polished accent. Can Callie from the Valley get her own TV show? Because I would absolutely watch that.

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