Emilia Clarke Totally Shut Down a Facialist Who Pressured Her About Getting Fillers

"I showed her the door."

Imagine, if you will, having the utter gall to tell Emilia Clarke—the actual Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains (we don’t buy into the Mad Queen title, so don’t go there)—that she “needs” face fillers. Someone out there did exactly that. And though we would never wish anyone ill will, we sincerely hope this facialist did some serious soul searching after this faux pas.

In a March 5th interview with ELLE U.K., Clarke recalled said faux pas and, as expected, the Game of Thrones MVP had the absolute best response.

“I once had a facialist who told me I needed fillers and I showed her the door,” Clarke said. “I was literally just like, ‘get out.’ Her exact words were, ‘Then, you can have your face back.’ At that point I was 28.” Um…we’re screaming.

Clarke, a Clinique Global Brand Ambassador, said that fillers and injectables are all the rage, and though she sometimes feels the pressure to engage, she can’t see herself going down that road any time soon. “You hear about all your contemporaries getting it done and you’re like, ‘Does that mean I have to? Should I be doing that?’ And then you work on a movie and the director of photography lights you beautifully and you get over it.”

Furthermore, filler is noticeable on camera. You look shiny and strange, Clarke said. If my job is telling me that I need to have anything more than possibly a bit of botox when I’m 45 or whatever, then I’ll stop doing the job.

“I definitely don’t want it now,” Clarke said of Botox, “but I’m not saying I won’t want it later. I’m allowing myself room to change my mind. But, I don’t like the fact that it’s suddenly become normal that everybody just gets work done.”

For now, Clarke is sticking with her basic skincare routine (the one her mother taught her as a child): “cleanse, tone and moisturize.” And, of course, Clinique products are her go-to, especially because she has sensitive skin.

You tell her she needs fillers, and Khaleesi will show you the way out. While they may be the right choice for some people, they’re just not what Clarke is into right now, and that’s totally fine.

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