Emilia Clarke says she’s “playing director” in this Instagram but now we want her to direct for real

It’s really easy to love Emilia Clarke. Her versatility as an actress is no short of amazing: She plays the fierce yet just ruler Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones (with an amazing wardrobe to boot) as well as a happy-go-lucky ingénue in the new romantic drama Me Before You. Also, she’s hilarious.

Emilia recently shared a photo on Instagram that showed her holding a megaphone behind the scenes on the set of the film Blood Mountain, pretending to be a director. The caption reads: “*tap tap tap (clears throat)* IS THIS THING ON?!”

More reasons to love Emilia: She’s into Beyoncé and her hashtag game is on point: #doyouneedmetospeakuporsingbeyoncelouder and #igothawtsauceinmysuitcase are two great examples. Also she’s clearly an E.T. fan (“#ecphonehooommee”), which is something every ’80s baby can relate to.

While her hashtag says “playing director”, we can’t help but want Emilia to be behind the scenes on more sets. Imagine how awesome it would be if GoT had choreographed Beyoncé dance scenes? And can we maybe get a woman director for a Game of Thrones episode? We think the Mother of Dragons could wrangle a set pretty darn well.

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