Emilia Clarke may have just accidentally posted a huge “Game of Thrones” spoiler

Guys, it’s that time of year, where Game of Thrones is back on and consuming our every waking moment. This post contains spoilers from Season 7 and *potentially* beyond, but like Jon Snow, we know nothing.

After years of gracing magazine covers together, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have *finally* met and, while they initially got off to a rocky start, they seem to be heading toward what we hope is a beautiful and lasting alliance. During “The Spoils of War,” Jon took Dany into the caves (not like that) of Dragonstone to show her the dragonglass before he and Davos carve it up in their mining efforts.

But naturally Jon didn’t actually want Dany to just see the dragonglass, he really wanted to show her the paintings of the Children of the Forest, which naturally, depict the White Walkers. It appears as if Dany finally believes him, and moments later, practically accepts him into her council — but does that mean she’s ready to head North?

Dany told Jon that she wouldn’t fight with him until he bends the knee but Emilia Clarke’s Instagram may be proving otherwise.

Clarke posted a beautiful photo of herself and Kit Harington behind the scenes of Game of Thrones but we have to say, we’re more than a little curious about the white backdrop. Decked out in their warm coats, it almost looks like Harington and Clarke are somewhere *pretty* cold — like Iceland, maybe?

We know, we know, Belfast isn’t super warm and the white background *could* just be clouds but honestly, anything can happen. We already know that next week during the episode “Eastwatch” we’re going to check back in on the White Walkers and Jon will, once again, try and convince Dany to help him, despite his reluctance to bend the knee. So while this is pure speculation, it’s not totally unfounded.

On a different note, all of Jon’s living siblings have made their way back to Winterfell and we selfishly want to see him reunite with Arya (his fave sibling) and Bran (so the new Three-Eyed Raven can fill him in on the whole R+L=J thing). Plus, a meeting between Dany and Stark bannermen might result in them agreeing to rally behind her and then Jon wouldn’t have to deal with any more infighting.

I’m glad we all agree that Jon and Dany should go North and now I hope Emilia’s photo actually proves it.

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