Emilia Clarke lowkey switched up her hair color to a stunning ombré

Further confirming her cunning ability to seamlessly trot out any look, the Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke now has an ombré, and it looks as simultaneously natural and trendy as you would imagine! As Glamour pointed out, the starlet had her new colorhidden away in an updo, like a well-concealed weapon of immutable style.

But a recent Instagram post revealed Clarke’s hair down, and the beloved actress has successfully elevated the ombré!

Only Clarke could make an ombré look ready for fall AND spring at the same time, and we fully approve.


While she may look ready to go on a pleasant apple-picking date, we know she’ll more likely be fighting alongside literal dragons!


The highlighted lob was done by hairstylist Adir Abergel, who was also behind her sleek Emmy night updo.

Sometimes it fittingly takes someone like Khaleesi Mother of Dragons to revive a hair trend we thought would soon face the perilous grave.

She wears it undeniably well, and looks truly happy in her new hair. Hopefully the ombré provides Clarke with respite from all the trauma Khaleesi endured while rocking the long platinum look.

She glows in her ombré in a way only a  woman bent on mightily restoring a kingdom would!


But really, we volunteer to be subjects in any kingdom with a ruler whose taste in ombré matches her appetite for justice.

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