Emilia Clarke’s latest Instagram is pretty, but the caption is HILARIOUS

Okay, we’ll admit it. We want to be BFFs with Emilia Clarke as much as we want her Game of Thrones character, Daenerys to sit on the Iron Throne. They’re both pretty much amazing and we want to hang around them always.

But since we have to wait another ten months (!!!) before we get the chance to see Daenerys back in action, we’ll have to enjoy all the antics her counterpart is up to in the meantime. And, let’s be honest, they’re pretty spectacular.

Clarke clearly has a great sense of humor and a wonderfully playful personality. If you follow her Insta at all you know that she’s often up to delightful adventures with her friends that she shows in her pics. But her captions are usually what make the pictures even more personal and even more fun.

So of course we are cracking up again at this recent Insta post where she poses (and looks somehow stunning) next to a giant truck whose tire is bigger than her entire body.

And despite the fact that it could legit be a high-fashion photo shoot because she’s so crazy photogenic we wouldn’t even second guess that’s what she’s up to, there’s a little smirk on her face that says she’s up to something mischievous. And then you read the caption. And it’s hilarious. 

It says, I. like. big.TRUCKS and I cannot lie… Don’t want none of that fun if you ain’t got pumps Hun.” And she adds a little squatting girl emoji to remind us of just how you can get big, well, “trucks.” 

The hashtags (along with the setting) suggest this is from her film Blood Mountain, a serious film that makes this playful hashtag even more delightful. We already know Clarke is able to balance the serious with the funny really well (by posting hysterical behind-the-scenes vids and pics of her costars on GoT between crazy intense filming scenes).But it’s nice to see that she doesn’t just bring a great sense-of-humor, she also has a mind filled solid classic hip-hop lyric references as well.

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