Emilia Clarke posted a meme of Hillary Clinton as the Mother of Dragons and LOL

As you are probably aware, the U.S. Presidential Election is very much under way. And while we all eagerly await the results of this historic election, there are plenty of things to help keep us distracted in the meantime – and the latest comes courtesy of your favorite Game of Thrones star, Emilia Clarke. HUH?! YEAH. That’s right. The OG Mother of Dragons has low-key weighed in on her feelings about this election. And let’s just say Khaleesi recognizes ANOTHER Mother of Dragons (outside of Westeros, anyway).

Emilia Clarke posted this meme of Hillary Clinton as her namesake, Daenerys Targaryen and…LOL!

Emilia didn’t include any caption, because…well, let’s be real here, the image pretty much speaks for itself.

Of course, Emilia is English, so she’s not actually VOTING in our Presidential Election, but that doesn’t mean she can’t exercise her right to show support for a particular candidate. And we’re loving that she’s doing it in this fun and self-referential way.

Currently, Emilia is busy filming Season 7 of Game of Thrones in Europe.

But that hasn’t stopped her from posting some adorable behind-the-scenes photos as well as this classic gem now, too. We’re pretty sure Dany would be proud of her alter-ego for this FIERCE AF post today!