Watch Emilia Clarke set off ALL THE ALARMS on the Game of Thrones set — because spoilers

She may be known as the Protector of the Realm and Breaker of Chains on Game of Thrones, but Emilia Clarke doesn’t exactly get to experience the same royal privileges she enjoys on-screen while behind the scenes.

For her latest charitable initiative, the actress and newly-appointed Royal College of Nursing ambassador collaborated with Omaze to raise money for the RCN Foundation. The lucky winner of the Omaze campaign will flown out to Northern Ireland and get to stay in a 4-star hotel, tour the top-secret Game of Thrones set in Belfast, and get the opportunity to hang out with Khaleesi herself. And so to entice everyone to join the sweepstakes, Clarke filmed a hilarious video to take viewers on a backstage tour of the HBO drama, or at least she attempted to.

"Let me level with you guys, the producers don’t really want me doing this. In fact, they don’t really know I’m doing this. They also don’t know I swiped the key, she says, hamming it up...while opening the door to the set and unintentionally setting off all the fire alarms. "Okay, go, go, go! Run, run run! We gotta go! Everything's fine! It's not a big deal. George R. R. Martin is like, on his way!"

Look, we get it. Security is extra tight when it comes to the final season — with social media bans and multiple endings and all — but we didn’t expect that even the Mother of Dragons wouldn’t have some sort of special clearance.

To save herself from further embarrassment, Clarke takes viewers to what she claims to be “the most iconic set in all of the Game of Thrones,” the Iron Throne. Except that it was just a room with green screens. She then leads cameras to her trailer to read part of the Season 8 script, only to realize that it’s going to be bleeped out anyway.

But hooray because Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, swoops in and saves the day, except that he doesn’t, and just tells Emilia to stop her shenanigans. “Kit’s a bit boring. You don’t want… Yawn. Six-pack, whatever,” she says in response.

Watch the Emilia Clarke’s attempted behind-the-scenes tour below:

So if you really want to get exclusive scoop on the top-secret eighth season of Game of Thrones, head on over to this link to enter the contest. Not only will you get to donate to a wonderful cause, you’ll also get the chance to find out what happens before anyone else, assuming that you sign a ton of NDAs first, of course.

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