Emilia Clarke is having the time of her life on a boat on her day off

Emilia Clarke’s alter ego, Daenerys Targaryen, may be known for her love of fire. But from the looks of it, the actress can enjoy being surrounded by water just as much. She recently posted a playful pic on her Insta that shows just how much fun she has when she’s not focused on conquering the Seven Kingdoms.

Her candid smile paired with a playful nautical hat, she looks perfectly happy out in the water. And her delightful caption explains exactly what’s going on, “Behind me is a WATERFALL. And now (sadly) behind me is the BEST DAY OFF EVER! ?” 

The hard-working actress has certainly earned a day off, between starring in major movies and being one of the most beloved characters on Game of Thrones. And it seems she knows how to play as hard as she works. And based on how gorgeous she looks without any makeup on, we’d say this girl’s selfie game is as strong as her character’s Valyrian.

It looked like the crew she was with (who she adorably calls the “boatbusters”) are having as much fun as she is.

The will be a nice change from where she’s been typically filming (in the middle of the desert) for this season of GoT. Though from the looks of her entertaining (and often hilarious) Instagram posts, Clarke is always having the best time ever no matter what type of environment she happens to be in.

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