Emerald Fennell Is The First Woman To Win a Screenplay Oscar in 13 Years

She won Best Original Screenplay for her work on Promising Young Woman.

The first award win at the 2021 Oscars was a groundbreaking one. Emerald Fennell won Best Original Screenplay for her work on Promising Young Woman, making her the first woman to take home the title in 13 years. Diablo Cody was the last woman to receive the award in 2008 for her screenwriting work on Juno. This means that both awards were given to women screenwriters for films with women in the lead roles—and we love to see it.

While Promising Young Woman is expected to be a big winner throughout the night, Fennell seemed surprised by her screenplay win. “They said write a speech, but I didn’t—because I just didn’t think this would ever happen,” she said, starting out her improvised acceptance speech. She also seemed surprised by the way the Oscar felt in her hands, preciously remarking, “Oh my God he’s so heavy and he’s so cold,” before setting down the award and getting more serious.

“This film was made by the most incredible people in the world, who made it in 23 days and brought their complete genius and love and humor to it,” she continued. “And I have so many people to thank. I feel mortified that I’m here by myself when it’s not just my job at all.”

Fennell directly thanked the film’s lead, Carey Mulligan, who she called not only the “most talented person in the world, but the kindest and the funniest.”

Making the moment even sweeter, Mulligan could also be seen in the audience crying over Fennell’s win and speech.

Here’s to a night we hope is filled with many more wins for women.

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