#EmbraceTheSquish is the latest hashtag encouraging women to own their bodies

We’ve long since said goodbye to the poison of things like #thinspo and even #fitspo, so our Instagram feeds are basically loaded with body-positive babes. And wow, has it done a world of good! So we were pretty thrilled to discover the #EmbraceTheSquish movement. The hashtag is slowly taking over the world of body posi Instagram, and we’re here for it! We wanna live in a world where all women (and people of all genders!) love, love, love their bodies, and this is a step in the right direction.

The message of #EmbraceTheSquish is pretty similar to the also popular #CelluliteSaturday in that it encourages Instagrammers to adore their bodies just the way they are, and to stop seeing their bodies as “flawed,” but instead as just fine the way they are.

The #EmbraceTheSquish campaign was started by Gina, a self-proclaimed eating disorder warrior, self-love enthusiast, and body-positivity advocate.


Gina’s openness inspired *so* many others to show their bodies some love, and we’re absolutely in love with this movement.


It’s all about confidence and being good to yourself.


And pushing aside negative diet culture and body shaming to love your body, squish and all.

Now THIS is the world we wanna live in.

Major shout out to Gina for making this happen!

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