#EmbraceTheLatinx is calling for a more accurate representation of Latinxs in media

It’s not unfair to say that Hollywood, and the media at large, lack diversity. Though the hot topic issue is finally taking a front seat, there’s still much work to be done. But thankfully, social media is allowing everyday people to have the power — by giving us the opportunity to band together as we express our opinions and ideals in a self-curated space. Hashtags specifically allow us to energetically stand together and call for change.

In this case, #EmbraceTheLatinx is calling for a more accurate representation of Latinxs in media, and is reminding us that diversity is what makes us beautiful.

The hashtag took off on Twitter after Kayla Rodriguez used it in a post to celebrate Pride Month. Now, Latinxs from all over are adopting the hashtag, calling for more representation and posting selfies all in the name of embracing their true colors unashamedly. They’re also asking the media to do the same.

The hashtag beautifully emphasizes how diverse the Latinx community is. It doesn’t look one way, and it certainly doesn’t only come from one place. While Hollywood likes to think that every Latinx is light-skinned with curves, that’s simply not the truth. false

#EmbracingTheLatinx is not only a call to action, it’s a celebration! One of all the rich stories and beautiful heritages that make up the Latinx community. false

Some post selfies with funny captions, some post stories, some post their favorite photos. The main thing to take away?

It’s our diversity that makes us beautiful!

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May our differences make us stronger and remind us that we are all beautiful, no matter where we come from.