It’s Embrace Your Geekness Day! Here’s how we celebrate it every. single. day.

Happy “Embrace Your Geekness” Day!

Most of us have just a little (or a lot) of geek in us. Whether it’s a passion for coding, a love for sci-fi shows, or a desire to obtain a random collection of an item, sometimes our obsessions makes us come off to those who don’t get our quirks as total weirdos. But, today is the day that those who are out of completely out of touch with their geek genes will want to be more like us! Fortunately, those of us who don’t have to dig as deep to find our inner geek can just reach in and give it a big hug. And, what better day to realize there are a few so-called “awkward” things we should never, EVER be ashamed of doing.

By Wearing Cosplay Anywhere We Want To, Like Jaden Smith    

Who says we have to be at a Comic-Con to throw on our fave cosplay attire? Answer: No one. We actually blame Will and Jada’s son for our costume goals. Since Kimye’s wedding, we have watched Jaden Smith flourish in his vigilante gear whenever he’s feeling heroic. The teenage philosopher and his superhero suit have shown up in a couple unlikely places while turning everyone’s heads in the process. He even took his caped crusader look to the next level and dressed it up with a suit jacket for a trip to the prom! Needless to say, Jaden is doing cosplay his way and living out our not-so-secret fantasy to wear a cape every day. But, we don’t have to let our lives as “normal” people stop us from donning an awesome costume in public! We can rock it in the mall, on the street, and even while shopping for groceries. Sure, we may get more stares than smiles, but just one smile is worth it. Cosplay will be worn any day, anywhere and the world will deal.

By Dropping Random Catchphrases In Conversations With People Who Don’t Get It

After watching 58926 hours of Doctor Who, it’s only natural for us to eventually start talking like a Time Lord. One second we are speaking normally and the next we are reversing the polarity and telling our friends to “Allon-sy!” so we don’t miss happy hour. It’s cool to toss around catchphrases with our Whovian family, but it gets a little weird when we do it with people who are clueless about the TARDIS. There’s nothing more awkward (yet hilariously awesome) than solemnly saying “I’m sorry…I am so, so sorry” when a cube neighbor gets chewed out by the boss and immediately bursting into laughter at the pure joy of inserting a Tennant line into an otherwise boring Monday morning. Dropping one-liners from our beloved fandoms is a sure-fire way to show our both confuse and intrigue those who have not yet experienced the glory of fantastic television. We are not weird…we are actually educating the masses.

By Having a Well-Organized Collection but an Otherwise Messy Existence

Imagine this: You have a friend come over and they are waiting in your room while you get ready for ladies night. You are frantically looking for your lost left shoe that’s buried in the abyss of your chaotic closet. Your friend watches you throw shoes across the room and one lands near your comic book shrine. While your house looks a hot mess, your comic book organization game is flawless. How in the heck can you have alphabetized, numbered, separated DC and Marvel, and labeled your collection while leaving the rest of your life in shambles? The answer is simple: it’s okay to take an extra hour to find a shoe, but when it’s time to grab a favorite comic book, it has be in the perfect place right now. It’s 100% normal to be protective and particular about your prized collection. And, anyone who doesn’t get it obviously doesn’t know the pure geek joy of taking a trip down comic memory lane with ease. Comics win over life. The End!

By Being a Walking Fact Portal of All Things Interesting

Being able to draw the complete timeline of Apple’s history, name various flora in the woods, or rattle off correct answers while watching Jeopardy is pretty darn impressive. Being a fact portal is cool in all capacities: sports geeks with obscure football records in their brains, tech geeks who work Arduino like a boss, sci-fi geeks who are certified experts in Star Trek, and TV geeks who can name an episode of Friends based on a screenshot. ALL of our geekery is incredible and no matter what we geek over, we can throw knowledge to anyone who wants to receive our awesomeness. We are embracing our geekness and loving it!

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