Cards Against Humanity came out with a “For Her” edition to mock the pink tax

Women are accustomed to purchasing the same products as men — only pink and more expensive. And while this usually applies to grooming essentials like razors, now it applies to our favorite games, too, because Cards Against Humanity has released a “For Her” edition. Costing $5 more, colored pink, and containing the same cards as the original game, the Cards Against Humanity for Her edition is making fun of the “pink tax” that women have long been subjected to — and bonus: It’s all for a good cause.

The “pink tax” represents the unfortunate fact that products targeted toward women typically cost more than the same products for men. The pink tax is pretty infuriating — and so you might be enraged that this pink-colored deck of Cards Against Humanity costs more, too.

But you can quench that anger with a nice, cold glass of rosé (us women sure LOVE our rosé), since not only does Cards Against Humanity community director Jenn Bane think that no women will fall for this “very stupid” gimmick (telling Business Insider, “Women don’t fall for gimmicks, especially not gimmicks as stupid as this one”), but the money from this pink edition is going to benefit women if people do happen to play along.

The profits from Cards Against Humanity for Her will go to EMILY’s List, a political action committee focused on getting more women — specifically, pro-choice Democratic women — elected into public office.

Of course, Cards Against Humanity can’t do something good without its patented brand of irreverent humor. So the company has marketed its card game for women by mocking female stereotypes often perpetuated in advertising, as shown by the For Her website and its press release about the new product.

Although the chances of the Disney edition of Cards Against Humanity being real are slim, we’re happy to report that this lady-themed deck is 100 percent real, and you can purchase the For Her edition now for $30 (and why not add the new Period Pack for an additional $5 while you’re at it?). Because, as Cards Against Humanity argues, us ladies are “worth it.”